Bulletin of the 1st Czech-German Skirogaining 2010

We have asked EU to support the project from European fund of regional development, Common fund of small projects, Programme "Cil 3" supporting collaboration of the Czech Republic and Free State Saxony 2007-2013.
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Bulletin of the 1st Czech-German Skirogaining 2010

Organizer: Ore-Mountains Rogaining Club Litvínov & USV TU Dresden on demand of the Czech Association of Rogaining and Mountain Orienteering (CAR).
Date: 16th January 2010
Event site: Nove Mesto in Ore Mountains, Teplice district, Czech Republic
Event centre: Ski-stadium in Nove Mesto in Ore Mountains
Event type: 6-hours Czech-German Skirogaining (Sa 10:00 – Sa 16:00)
Race area: Eastern Ore Mountains, determined by municipalities of Litvinov, Flaje, Cesky Jiretin, Schellerhau, Altenberg, Zinnwald, Cinovec, Dubi, Hrob, Osek und Lom.
Terrain: Hilly terrain, broken relief, elevation between 350 – 956 m above sea level, matching highland- or mountain-type surrounding. Terrain mainly covered by forest with middle density of paths and skitracks, somewhere steep slopes.
Map: Special map for skirogaining, scale 1:50 000, e=10 m;
updated 01/2010, no waterproof layout
Punching system: Electronic SI (Sport-Ident) system, all types of SI chip can be used (not more than 30 check points in the forest).
!!! Every competitor has to have it's own SI chip !!!
SI chips could be borrowed from organizer for 1.5 €/pc. A return fee of 1000,- CZK or 40,- € per a chip will be asked. The fee will be returned after handing a chip in.
!!! IMPORTANT: Please prepare the money (1000,- CZK or 40,- €) for the SI renting in order not to detain registration process !!!
Classes: According to the IRF rules:
6 Hours - MO, WO, XO, MV, WV, XV, MJ, WJ, XJ

A team consists of 2-5 members.
M - all men, W -  all women, X - at least one man and one woman;
V - Veteran classes, all team members must be 40 years old or older;
J - Junior classes, all team members must be 20 years old or younger.

All team members must pass the whole race together. If any member of a team gives up the race his/her team is obliged to come to finish and end up the race.
Participation conditions: All participants have to sign an indemnity form at the registration. From participants younger than 18 years a signature of their parents or legitimate representative will be asked. The form can be downloaded here.
Entry fees: Entry & payment:
  • up to 5. 1. 2010: 8,- € per 1 team member
  • after 5. 1. 2010: 12,- € per 1 team member
  • at the registration: 16,- € per 1 team member
  • The fee includes starting fee, parking nearby the event centre and refreshment in the finish.

    Please transfer the entry fee to the following bank account:

    Owner: KRK Litvinov
    IBAN: SK9783300000002800039826
    In purpose of the payment it is necessary to mention: Skirogaining 2010; team name; name of the team leader
    Submit the copy of bank statement proving the payment at the registration.

    Entries: On-line System on the race Website.
    Via e-mail (in English): krk@rogaining.cz (the entry is valid after reply).

    The entry has to include a team name or name of club, name and surname of each team member, their date of birth, class, SI chip numbers or request to borrow them, contact e-mail and the number of account used for payment of the entry fee.

    1. Entry & payment up to Thursday 5. 1. 2010 (24:00)
    2. Entry & payment after Thursday 5. 1. 2010 (24:00)
    3. Entry & payment at the registration (entries are limited by number of free maps)
    Accommodation: From Friday to Saturday in a gym, 3 € per person. More comfortable accommodation is available in numerous hostels in Nove Mesto or Moldava. We can help you whenever you ask us in a mail.
    Time schedule: Friday 15. 1. 2010:
    18:00 – 23:00 - Registration in the centre
    Saturday 16. 1. 2010:
    8:00 – 9:30 - Registration in the centre
    9:30 - Map distribution
    10:00 - Start of the Skirogaining
    16:00 - End of the race
    17:30 - Prize giving ceremony
    Start: 00=10:00 Mass start in the event centre. In case of higher amount of participants starting will be organized in wawes according the classes. Details will be described in the final bulletin.
    Classification: Each check point is marked in the map and in control description together with its value varying from 30 to 90 points. The number and order of control points is up to discretion of each team (go-as-you-please). Passing of each control point has to be marked by inserting SI chip into the SI unit. Each control point is equipped by white-red lampion of size 30x30 cm, SI unit and punches (just for case of SI unit failure). The final ranking of each team depend on the sum of the points gained. In case of the equal point result the better time wins. Exceeding of given time limit: each started minute equals to 20 point penalization. If the time limit is exceeded by more than 30 minutes, team will not be classified.
    Parking: Nearby the event centre, please respect organizers’ instructions.
    Transport: One’s own, organizers do not provide.
    Refreshment: Self-service buffet in the goal and buffet in the centre.
    Officials: Director: Jan Tojnar
    Course setters: Jan Tojnar, Jan Čech
    Information: Race website: http://skirogaining.tojnar.cz/2010/en/
    Please note: The race is organized according to the IRF rules and Skiorienteering rules. During the whole race every participant has to carry a complete ski-equipement. Eventual exception shall be noted on the race web or in additional instructions in the event area.

    The race takes place both in Germany and Czech Republic. Each participant has to have his/her ID card during the whole race. Taking part in the rogaining race is on the own risk of every competitor. The organizer doesn’t hold responsibility and/or liability for any damage caused by any participant of the race.