6. 1. 2015

Info from the web monitoring GPS tracks of snow mashines in Eagle Mountains: "Snow mashines are going to prepare the tracks today."

5. 1. 2015

Due to the lack of entered participants the race of Skirogaining was canceled. We are going to prepare a Ski-O training for those who have entered up to 2. 1. 2015. The teams were addressed via mail to confirm their participation.

30. 12. 2014

Another visit of the race area showed there is enough of snow to ski, see photos from 30. 12. 2014. Unfortunately there is almost none

14. 12. 2014

On Saturday we have visited the race area again. Not enough snow for skiing, see photos from 13. 12. 2014.

7. 12. 2014

Due to lack of snow the race of Skirogaining will be moved to a new term, 10 - 11 January 2015. New bulletin is available now.

4. 12. 2014

First photos have been available in the skirogaining photogalery.

19. 11. 2014

Bulletin of the 4th Cross-border Skirogaining has been available now and On-line entries has been started.

26. 9. 2014

Web of the 4th Cross-border Skirogaining has been launched. See the introductory invitation. Two-stage skirogaining event will be held in December 20 – 21 2014 in Olešnice v Orlických horách (Eagle Mountains).