1. 3. 2015

42 competitors successfully accomplished 5th Crossborder Skirogaining, see final results. Two teams made to clean all the check points. Well done.
All teams are invited to put their routes on Play-map. Using links on the right top of the page you can draw your route or download a GPS log.

28. 2. 2015

30 people participated in Saturday training, see training results.

11. 2. 2015

My today´s skiing in Germany was super. Excellent tracks, nice weather, see Fotogalery of Skirogaining.

25. 1. 2015

Today I mapped tracks in Germany, some photos were taken on my way back to Kliny, see Fotogalery of Skirogaining.

24. 1. 2015

First photos from the event area can be found in the Fotogalery of Skirogaining.

23. 1. 2015

Some additional info about the Skirogaining event can be found in Bulletin.

21. 1. 2015

Web of the 5th Cross-border Skirogaining has been launched. The skirogaining event will be held in February 28 – March 1 2015 in Klíny (Ore Mountains). See the introductory invitation. You can register your team via On-line Entry System.